Authentic Fir Floors

Douglas Fir Flooring, hand crafted to compliment most any Country and Heritage home setting.

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Douglas Fir is a strong and resilient wood with a medium density yet durable for its lightweight. Its rich patina tones of red and yellow are truly Old World and have stood the test of time for over 100 years in many heritage buildings. At Woodland Flooring, we source our Douglas Fir from only natural Forest Salvage  or from Private family owned forestry operations in B.C. employing good practices of sustainability of their own.

Our First Growth or Old Growth Douglas Fir is salvaged from only Wind-Fallen or Forest Fire recovery Trees off Central Vancouver Island and the North Coast of Vancouver Island. These trees range in age from 200 to over 500 years old and yield very tight grain characteristics ranging from 8 to 40 annual rings per inch. Natural mineral stains appear in some of the older timber offering an added hint of blue and purple. Edge Grain, (commonly known as Vertical Grain or Quarter Sawn) as well as select Mixed Grain flooring is milled specially from these woods and sought after by many purists for their stability, density and higher values that are quickly disappearing forever. 

Second Growth Douglas Fir (Coastal Knotty)  yields a Knotty Grade of wood. The Knotty grade has more character and coarser grain patterns with lots of color variation. New for 2012, our Coastal Knotty Fir is to be harvested periodically from the Alberni Community Forest and milled at The MacLean Heritage sawmill in Port Alberni B.C., or from a variety or small family or First Nations owned woodlots on Vancouver Island, between Victoria and Port Hardy B.C.. The Coastal Knotty Fir is our coarse grained wood with red and blonde highlights.

At Woodland Flooring, all our floors are produced individually for each customer. Authentic Fir Floors are T&G end matched in random lengths to 8 ft and 9 ft long. Kiln dried planks are hand selected to produce flooring in widths of 3 ¼”, 5 ¼" & 7" wide.

Woodland offers wide plank flooring which is simple to install. All our floors are hand stained and come prefinished with our naturally formulated SACIOS "Hardwax Oil" and "Coating Systems" from Germany. Our "Boutique" finishes are a favorite with interior designers as we offer custom staining with our "Antique Distressed" & "Rocky Mountain Resawn" floors.

Antique distressing is prepared by hand prior to staining. Minor dents, scratches and nicks are accented by the stain pigments and create an authentic antique look. This feature also helps disguise eventual wearing in your high traffic areas and keeps the floor looking uniform for years without worry.

The "Rocky Mountain Resawn" floor is hand sanded from its rough-sawn face to retain the original sawmill marks. The finished appearance creates an aged barn-floor look, yet is functional and smooth for easy cleaning. It also will handle the most abuse of all our finishes. This is a favorite flooring for Log Homes and special places that require the "Old World" character.

Quality products and customer service are priority at Woodland. All aspects of production are controlled in house from kiln drying and milling to packaging and delivery arrangements. Our goal is to produce a truly handcrafted floor of the highest quality, designed to last a lifetime.

Authentic Fir Flooring Samples

Edge Grain (VG) Fir
Natural stain

Edge Grain (VG) Fir
Vintage Cheery Stain

Fir Wood Flooring Vintage Cheery Stain

Coastal Knotty Distressed Fir
Country Brown Stain

Fir wood flooring country brown

Mixed Grain Fir
Country Brown Stain

Mixed Grain Fir

Coastal Resawn Fir
Ebony Stain

Coastal Rewsawn Ebony Stain



Interior Knotty (Natural) FSC Certified Mixed Grain - Traditional Smooth (Special Walnut)
Coastal Knotty (Natural) FSC Certified Rocky Mountain Resawn (Golden Brown)


If you have any questions or wish to place an order please call us at 1-800-349-5252.


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