The many benefits of a local wood floor

12508910_10153843100306369_2256297850583727789_nLocal products manufactured locally – it’s an idea most people can get behind. And it’s something that we’re very proud to produce right here in on Vancouver Island, BC.

Often, in order to get that local product, customers have to pay a bit more, be it for wood flooring, naturally raised poultry or locally brewed beer. And that’s where choices need to be made.

If you’re starting to think about new flooring, here are some of the reasons why it’s beneficial to buy a local wood floor:

1. Knowing your floor’s source makes for strong relationships and quality products

We work with local woods from local woodlots, so we know the families and have real connections with them. But just as important as those relationships, we also get to have a say in the quality of wood we choose. Because we’re involved in the harvesting and grading process, we have more selection.

We don’t just have to choose from what someone else has available in stock; we can see the standing trees and the raw wood, say what we want and how we want it milled. This flexibility allows us to offer our customers wood planks up to 10 feet in length and 8 inches wide.

2. Manufacturing is under our roof and under our control
From kiln drying and storing the wood in computer-controlled conditions (critical for wide-plank flooring) to sanding and staining, we control the manufacturing process. By offering choices in stains, finishes and widths for flooring, as well as complimentary stairs and countertops, we ensure that we produce a product that is exactly what our customers want – every time.

And when the final product is ready, we handle the shipping and delivery to make sure it arrives at its destination in its intended shape. No worries about the planks sitting in an unheated shipping container for weeks on end here!

3. Helping the local economy and the environment
As with any local business, job creation creates cash flow in the local economy. Upstream and downstream jobs of any business multiply the cash generated from every local sale. And the taxes from employment and goods create funds that go towards active programs and infrastructure development in the local economy.

And, of course, less shipping keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum.535096_10153827885791369_267362206050768856_n

4. Better customer service and after-sales support
Being able to walk in the door and ask questions at any time about a product or service is a significant benefit. And because we live with you in the same community, there’s an additional incentive to treat you fairly and ensure you’re completely satisfied.

5. It’s just cool
How many people can say, “Do you want to see where my wood floor grew up? It’s just down the road!”


Pride in the product and supporting the community, better quality and customer care – why wouldn’t you want to install wood flooring harvested and manufactured right here in BC?