Resawn fir flooring for a spectacular look and feel

Second-growth and salvaged old-growth fir floors add warmth to any home

If there’s any flooring that says “West Coast,” it has to be Douglas fir. A strong and resilient wood, it works in any setting but is particularly suited to country and heritage style homes.

And here at Woodland Flooring, we can assure you that with our wood sources and finishing processes, we will create the best fir floor you can find.

thumbnailA little bit about the wood

Fir is known for its distinctive orangey red patina that creates a warm feeling – but did you know that it has the highest R-value (insulating factor) of all our woods? So not only does it look and feel warm, it actually adds to your home’s ambient temperature.

As with all our floors at Woodland Flooring, our fir floors are produced individually for each customer. They are tongue and groove end-matched in random lengths of up to ten feet. The kiln-dried planks are hand selected to produce flooring in widths of 3 ¼ inch, 5 ¼ inch and 7 inch.

Sourcing it out – first- and second-growth

We offer customers the choice of old-growth fir from natural forest salvage or second-growth wood locally sourced from private family-owned operations employing good practices of sustainability.

The second-growth fir, known as Coastal Knotty, yields a grade of wood that is, well, knotty. This grade has lots of character and coarser grain patterns with plenty of color variation featuring with fir’s distinctive red and blonde highlights.

Our first-growth fir is salvaged from primarily wind-fallen, retired bridge timber or forest fire recovery trees of central and northern Vancouver Island. These trees typically range in age from 200 to 500 years old and yield very tight grain characteristics ranging from 8 to 40 annual rings per inch. This is where real Vertical Grain “VG Fir” originates from, and it’s highly sought after for its purity and stability.

Finishing touches

As described in last month’s blog about resawn maple floors, our unique resawn processing and finishing creates a floor that is both beautiful and durable.

We also offer “antique distressing,” during which minor dents, scratches and nicks are made by hand to be accented by the stain pigments and create an authentic antique look. As with resawn, this feature also helps disguise inevitable wear in high-traffic areas and keeps the floor looking uniform for years without worry.

Coated with our German-made Saicos Hardwax Oil finish, all our floors can be maintained, repaired and refreshed for decades to come, saving you time and money while adding value to your home and lifestyle.

Come check out samples of our fir flooring and compare finishes and stains. Let us help you decide what look will work best for your home. Stop by our factory showroom at 1584 Knight Road in Comox, email us or give us a call at 250.890.0402