Resawn maple flooring is flooring worth bragging about

Timeless wood floors that stand up to the highest traffic

Looking for a beautiful floor that will not only add value to your home but stand up to daily wear and tear? Our resawn maple floors more than fit the bill.

thumbnailWhat makes maple flooring unique?

At Woodland Flooring, the wood we use for our maple flooring and millwork products is Pacific Coast Maple, more commonly known in these parts as big leaf or broad leaf maple. Like all the woods we process, it’s sourced locally – mainly from private woodlots between Duncan and Quadra Island – at facilities practicing sustainable forestry. And as a “pioneer wood” species, one that grows relatively quickly after natural disaster or logging, it’s a renewable resource.

Visually, a resawn maple floor is nothing short of stunning. Known for having a finer grain and clearer look than fir or alder, it still has unique swirl, flame and ribbon effects running through with occasional bird’s eyes. Its colour tone ranges from lighter tan through medium brown and tends to have a “cooler” feel, as opposed to the warmer orange undertones common with fir and red cedar. It stains like a dream and holds its colour well.

Making an impression – processing and finishing your resawn maple floor

We can produce resawn maple flooring in lengths of up to 10 feet, and widths range from 3 to 7 inches. Many Woodland Flooring customers like to combine widths, which adds interest to the look as well as stability to the floor. In terms of durability, maple is the hardest wood we carry, so it’s a great choice for people who have pets or high-traffic areas.

Choosing a resawn finish further adds to its resilience. Resawn finishing occurs during the jointing process, when a slight texture is created by making saw marks in the wood. It then gets further buffed, stained and oiled, resulting in a finished look that’s not only unique but hides signs of wear and tear.

Interested in maple flooring? We have plenty of samples of our finishes and staining options. At Woodland Flooring, we’ll work with you to create a timeless floor that meets the needs of your family and will last for generations to come.

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