The ultimate custom wood floor

Discover the Woodland Flooring experience

Aside from its actual structure, flooring is the largest design element of your home. And when you choose to put in a Real Wood Floor, you’re choosing to add a wow factor with which other flooring can’t compete. Real Wood Floors are built for the future, built with traditional values for long-term homeowners who appreciate their natural characteristics and can therefore experience the value.

So having decided upon wood flooring, why wouldn’t you go with a floor that’s exactly tailored to meet your needs?

At Woodland Flooring, we work with you to choose the right wood for your floor. We meet with you to discuss what will work best with your home’s existing design elements and lifestyle conditions. From milling to drying, staining and finishing, we work to meet the precise specifications of your home. We provide a true custom wood floor!

Choosing your wood flooring – where it begins

The first decision when it comes to flooring is deciding on the type of wood. Different woods have different qualities – hardness, colour, insulating value, visual impression – which must all be taken into account. By analyzing your home’s current design factors and durability issues such as pets, traffic, etc., we will make recommendations. Other decisions that also need to be considered include plank widths, colour tinting, type of finish (i.e., antique distressed, resawn) – but don’t worry, we’ll guide you in the right direction.

Custom milling and processing

s1We hand process every board that we use. By working with local suppliers we can have our wood custom milled; this allows us to work with wider boards and preserve longer lengths as we do the processing at our own facilities. We select the planks for width and grade, and kiln dry them in our on-site lumber dryers that are calibrated to achieve final moisture contents of 6 to 8 per cent (best suited for local home environments). The planks are then molded and shaped, with tongue and grooves put in, and any other custom finishes are applied.

Unlike most flooring suppliers, we can also provide matching millwork, stair treads, countertops, trims, etc., to ensure your desired look carries through the entire home.

Achieving that perfect look with our “Special Effects”

s2Getting the right finishing effect to suit your lifestyle and home is where our business really excels! While some folks like a simple natural look, it’s easy to realize that wood floors can take a beating over the years. This is why Woodland Flooring has “Special Effects” to create a stunning wood floor that looks more mature, aged, “patina’d” and even time worn to allow life to happen without fretting.

Antique Distressing with the perfect tint, can add warmth and life to a floor, while still showing its natural grain off and complimenting your existing furnishings.

Resawn Finishes (now very popular) have the signature saw marks from the sawmill still in the planks, and add an old world charm. These floors diffuse light and help hide future wear like dings, furniture drag marks, etc., and are very pet friendly.

s3Once a stain is chosen from our expansive selection, the planks are rolled, wiped, rubbed and racked (dried for three days) before the top coats of our Saicos Natural Hardwax Oil gets applied. Your floors arrive ready to acclimate, install, move in and enjoy! The Saicos Hardwax Oil coating can be easily cleaned when dirty using our mild Wash Care Cleaner (a vegetable oil-based soap) and allows for cost-effective maintenance for decades and decades down the road by buffing or refreshing.

Like to do your own woodworking? We can provide you with the appropriate stains and finishing products to make sure everything matches up.

Typically, an average order takes four to six weeks from start to finish. Not only are the results worth it, they offer great value for money over the long run. At Woodland Flooring, we want to work with you to create a floor that meets your needs now and into the next century. Come meet with us and let us make your flooring dreams come true.