Saicos Natural Wood Finishes

Our floors come finished with SAICO’S Hardwax Oil, made from naturally re-grown vegetable oils and waxes. SAICO’S Hardwax Oil offers a pleasing finish, which enhances the wood grain and is easy to maintain. Its not a plastic film and won’t peel, flake chip, or crack like plastic urethanes do. Hardwax Oil finishes can be periodically cleaned and buffed to protect and restore the beauty of the floors and extend the longevity of the finish. Our SAICO’S hardwax Oil is non-toxic and low VOC with no measurable urea formaldehyde emissions.

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Saicos Canada products

SAICOS Wood Finish products:

  • Premium Hardwax Oil
  • Ecoline Hardwax OiI and Colours
  • Cleaner
  • Brushes
  • Applicator Tools