Floor Maintenance

Woodland Floors are finished with a non-toxic natural plant based Oil and Wax Floor Finish, made in Germany by Saicos Coating Systems. This UV Cured hardwax oil is not only easy to clean, but can be waxed, buffed and easily refurbished with a new coat (normally without having to sand the existing finish off). This makes for a cost effective long term maintenance system, and isn’t that a nice change?

Wash Care Cleaner

Saicos “Ecoline Wash Care Cleaner” is supplied with each floor to start you off with the “right” cleaner. Made with plant soap and natural care components, cleans gently, thoroughly and streak free. Also freshens up the surface and makes it dirt repellent. Wash Care Cleaner is non-toxic, so won’t harm your plants or animals either!

Simply pour 2 cap fulls of concentrate into 5 litres of warm water, then apply to floor with Ecoline Opti set mop or other soft mop head. damp mop and let dry. Best practice for a streak free result is to wring the mop out in the sink, but keep about 25% of the water weight in the mop to draw the dirt up with while mopping.

Wax Care Cleaner

While the floors don’t require waxing, Saicos “Ecoline Wax Care Cleaner” is used for regeneration and refreshing of heavily traffic areas. Made of natural waxes, this water and dirt repellent cleaner can be polished as well and helps keep the hardwax oil finish looking good throughout its life.We recommend using this cleaner once or twice a year in your high traffic spots, to aid in maintaining good protection of the finish.

Basic application by hand with a soft cloth or the in these areas is all that’s required, or buffing with a polishing machine for larger areas works great. We also rent a small 12″ buffer for larger jobs, as well as contract this service out to local customers who prefer to have someone else do this.