Repair & Refinishing

Repair & Refinishing your hardwax oil finish:

The best part about having a hardwax oil finish is being able to repair and refresh the coating when needed, quickly and for a fraction of the cost of as poly urethane.

Less time, less inconvenience (typically takes 1-2 days), and far less mess (dust and odour). This is possible for most DIY folks, but we also offer professional assistance for customers who would like to have us do this type of work.

  • SPOT REPAIRS: We supply a small repair kit with each floor to aid in staining scratches and adding some new coating to minor damages.
  • BUFFING: Is the finish looking dull? Single or multiple Rooms can be buff coated if just a new refresh coat is needed but there is no wear to bare wood yet?
  • RE COATING: Badly worn floors generally require a heavier prep sanding if they are worn too badly and heavily soiled. In this case the floor will require 2 fresh coats to look new again. In such a case, rolling or brushing on 2 consecutive coats is required using the Saicos Premium Hardwax oil and Specialty roller. Please call us for assistance, as we are always glad to help or supply a quote to do this work.